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If there is anyone dependent on your income: spouse, children, business associates, parents, other relatives - you need some form of life insurance.
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The important factors in first being eligible for life insurance, then paying the least cost is coverage amount, age, gender, smoking status, and your past and current health. If your health is not good, we can look for non-medical insurance - rates might not be that low, and coverage is limited, but it may be the only option you have. Medical examinations can raise premiums or lower them - some people are advised of medical situations they didn't know they had prior to applying for coverage.

Life underwriters perform risk selection, that is, they assess the risk of you, the applicant, making a claim so that the cost to you is consistent with the exposure the company takes on by insuring you. Because a large number of people in the same class apply for coverage, the risk can be averaged over all the applicants.

Health is determined first through a set of standard questions, then as required, saliva, urine or blood may be sampled, and your doctor may be asked to provide a medical report.

Since insurance is a competitive business, some companies from time to time may make their policies more attractive, or they may have better experience with certain diseases, and can offer better rates to an applicant. That is why it is always important to be able to "shop around" at an independent insurance broker to get the best rates.

Smoking and Premiums
Smoking can approximately double the cost of life insurance over the same individual who is a non-smoker. It takes about a year for the body to eliminate traces of smoke, so that a smoking test will show negative. Consider stopping as soon as possible to obtain the lowest rates.

Weight and Premiums
Excessive weight is a factor in early death on its own, and can be a contributing factor to diabetes. Keeping your weight at a reasonable level with exercise is a sound way to reduce your insurance costs.
Eligibility and Life Insurance Rates
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